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  • working holiday australia

Travel Job of the Month: A Working Holiday in Australia

A travel job allows you to visit new locations as your job. Some choices are more obvious for a travel job, like a flight attendant, while some may surprise you. Each month, we will highlight different travel job to give you an idea of [...]

  • vipkid part 2

Working With VIPKID: A 2018 Update – Part Two

In part one, we covered the 2018 updates in getting hired with VIPKid. We discussed the stricter base requirements and exactly what they're looking for during the Mock Class.  Related: VIPKID Review - The Honest [...]

Working With VIPKID: A 2018 Update – Part One

For anyone who has read my previous tips or reviews on VIPKid, you'll find that there's quite a bit of information and many of you still had questions. Also, for those hired lately (or looking [...]

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