5 Must-Haves for Remote Work

A powerful laptop

This is where the magic happens. Everything is done through your laptop. It is an absolute must have for remote workers – especially digital nomads.  It is essential for it to be reliable. You’ll need a decent amount of space (depending on your job), lots of RAM, and a solid battery life. Here are three options for three different budgets. Click any image to check out their full specs on amazon. 

Love the 13 inch macbook pro, though I’ve considered the 15 inch. I currently have the 13 inch, and if this one ever dies on me, I’ll likely get one in that new space grey colour. The battery lives on Macs are unbeatable! Perfect when you can’t always get an outlet in a coffee shop.

A fantastic computer. Not quite as powerful as the pro, but quite a bit lighter. If packing light is important to you and you don’t need quite as much processing power – the macbook air is a good bet. It’s less expensive too!

A great budget alternative. Or just general alternative for those not interested in a mac. It’s small, it’s light, and it has a touch screen! It’s a powerful little computer that makes a perfect travel and work companion.

An External Harddrive 

Now that you have your fantastic laptop – make sure you back all your hard work up! No matter how amazing the laptop is, things happen. Make sure you have access to your work no matter what! Having a hard drive and a cloud drive is important too. Somethings you just need to access from anywhere. Click any image to check out their full specs on amazon.

Time Capsule is an amazing piece of technology from Apple, that works with the Time Machine application on your Mac. You can use it to see what was on your computer at any point in time! It’s amazing!

If you’re rough on your equipment or travelling a lot, I’d suggest an SSD over HDD for storage. It’s also faster. However, it is typically pricer than their HDD counterparts. PC Mag does a great article explaining the difference here.

This SanDisk drive is incredibly light and thin – so perfect for portability. It doesn’t have as much space as most hard drives, however, it’s speed makes up for it. If you’re more interested in loading times – this is for you. If it’s purely space you’re after, check out one of the other options.

Although it’s not the smallest or lightest out there, it is incredibly robust. The storage capacity on this device is amazing as well. And you can get up to 4 TB at a very reasonable price.

Head Phones

Maybe you like to listen to music as you work or regularly need to Skype clients. Or perhaps you do online teaching like me and require them. Whatever your situation, a good pair of headphones is one of my must-haves for remote work. Click any image to check out their full specs on amazon.

Best Headset:  Sennheiser GSP 350

These have memory foam ear pads, surround sound, and a noise cancelling microphone. Made for gamers, but perfect for those working who require a lot of time in a headset.

Personal Favourite: Apple EarPods

Simple, classic, and they just work. These are the “older” ones that go into a normal headphone jack so it works with everything. I find they fit my ears nicely and are quite comfortable. They’re tiny and pack easily. My only wish is that I could mute the mic sometimes!

Best Budget Headphones: Panasonic 125 ErgoFit

Super small; these compact headphones are under $15. They mold to your ear which many people prefer over the harder style of the apple earpods.

Smart Phones

In today’s day and age, you simply can’t go without a phone. Personally, I like to have an unlocked phone so I can get local sim cards if I’m going to be anywhere for more than a week or so. Going this route and getting lots of data also allows your phone to work as a secure mobile hotspot. Great if you need to get work done and the wifi is bad. Click any image to check out their full specs on amazon.


In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a fan of Apple. So of course, when it comes to phones, my must have for remote working is the iphone. The 7 is even water resistent! I use it as a hotspot, I can easily sync everything with my macbook and the camera is fantastic! If you’re travelling with your phone and doing work – try to get as much space as possible! All those helpful apps and pictures take up loads of space.

Samsung Galaxy S7

One of the few times I didn’t have an Iphone, I went with the Galaxy. They’re so slim and have a fantastic camera as well. I’ve never personally had the S7 but I’ve tried it out and love the screen. It’s also so slim and light and you can barely feel in it in your pocket. Plus, it’s friendly on your wallet than it’s Apple counterpart.

Best Budget Smartphones: Motorola Moto G4

Considering the low price, this phone is quite fast in terms of processing power and has a decent camera. They also boast an “all-day battery” that is perfect for long flights and layovers. Even though you can get one with up to 32 GB, it has a micro SD slot that will allow you an extra 128 GB of storage. All for under $200.

Travel Bags

While of course not all remote workers are digital nomads, it’s inevitable that you’ll leave your house at some point or another. Or at least you should. Whether to change up workplaces, visit a coffee shop, or meet a client, or whatever it may be, you’re going to need a great bag for your gear. Click any image to check out their full specs on amazon.

Pricey but protective: Booq Pack Pro Backpack

For those serious about protecting their gear – this is backpack for you. Pockets for everything. It also comes in a
briefcase style for those not wanting a backpack. In these you can fit not only your laptop, but your tablet, phone, notebooks, small to medium sized camera, and even a waterbottle in a side pocket!

Mid Range: Michael Kors Leather Tote

For the ladies, this bag is stylish and practical. It has a roomy interior with ample pockets. It can easily fit your laptop and other accessories without being too bulky.

Best Budget Bag: Canvas Kaukko Bag

Great stylish and unisex bag. Loads of pockets for organization, can fit most laptop sizes, and is durable. It also comes with adjustable leather straps and can be purchased in a variety of colours.

What are your must haves for remote work? Let me know in the comments below!

Just so you know, some of the links on this page are affiliate links. They make no impact on the cost to you should you decide to purchase on amazon, but may provide a commission to me. To find out more you can check out my disclosure policy.



I need to stay caffeinated if I want to get anything done. Plus, working between different time zones requires a little extra help. Working out of coffee shops can be useful for this, but if I’m in one place for a while and I want to mix it up, those companies that send you a monthly coffee can keep things interesting in your daily cup of jo. The company Hawaii Coffee Box takes you on a “tour of Hawaii” with their different brews. Even if you change locations often as long as it’s before the shipment date, you’ll get your coffee.


I could easily write a whole post on helpful apps when working remotely, and I’m sure I will soon, but in the meantime my favourites are:

Later – for scheduling Instagram posts (follow me @wander.dolls)!
Trello – for organization and collaboration
Freelancer – for browsing remote jobs
XE Currency – for the most reliable exchange rates
Slack – great for communication and collaboration
Google Drive – access all your files on the go!

The Standing Desk

Better for the home worker than the digital nomad, but a standing desk will do wonders for your back. Sitting to much is terrible for your health, so whether you have a standing desk or not, make sure you walk around often!

What are your must-haves for remote work? Let me know in the comments below!

Just so you know, some of the links on this page are affiliate links. They make no impact on the cost to you should you decide to purchase on amazon, but may provide a commission to me. To find out more you can check out my disclosure policy.

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    I’m about to go work remotely at a coffeeshop, and you best believe I’ve got my headphones and chargers in tow!

    Coming Up Roses

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    I work remotely on some days of the weeks, so this list helps! I’m in need of a laptop upgrade for sure.

    xo, Elizabeth

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