Backpack Review: Osprey Farpoint 55

The Backpack : Far Point 55

Osprey Backpack

My Osprey backpack goes just about everywhere with me. Ever since I got it in 2014, it has travelled with me to Korea, South East Asia, and most recently to Europe. At only 55 liters it is on the smaller end of long-term backpacking packs – but with it’s ability to always be a carry-on, it’s just what I need.


Size:  25″H x 13″W x 13″D (M/L) (65, 32, 32 in cm)
I have the S/M at slightly smaller dimensions

Weight: ~4lbs (1.77kg)

Favourite Features:

  • Detachable Day Pack
  • Lockable Zippers
  • Hip belt
  • Stowaway back panel

The Brand

Osprey is an American company, with branches all over the globe. Their main website is and their European counterpart is While you can order online you can also find their products at a variety of outdoor and camping shops such as REI or Sail. Another option is, of course, Amazon – a great choice if you’re looking for deals or a cheaper or older model.

The “All Mighty Guarantee” &  Customer Service

This is my favourite part of buying from Osprey. Regardless of what happens to your pack, if it breaks or doesn’t work in some way, they’ll send you a new one.

How that actually plays out, however, is a bit of a pain in the ass. I bought my pack in Canada, but when my zipper was being difficult, I was in Europe. I submitted the form on the Osprey Europe site. They ask you fairly basic things, what the kind of pack is, what the issue is, where you bought it, etc.

The problem was, the form wouldn’t submit. I contacted the Osprey Europe Facebook page who EVENTUALLY got back to me with an email. My email was returned to me. Turns out, they had gone over some kind of server load or email load or something of the sort, and couldn’t actually receive new emails.

More back and forth on Facebook. I received a new email to send my claim to. Once that was finally processed I got an address to send my pack to. A couple weeks went by and I received a new pack.

The new pack was the new version of the pack I had. Slightly darker in colour (it’s what’s called “Volcanic Grey”) and with a lime-green interior (which was a bit of a shock, but I don’t mind it), this pack is overall nicer than my older one. The internal pockets have more padding and it just seems sturdier altogether.



Final Thoughts

Overall, their backpacks are a great quality and available at a reasonable price. Their guarantee, despite having some difficulties with it, is still better than having to completely go out and buy a new backpack or pay to get the current one mended.

The Farpoint 55 is small and lightweight and while larger options are available, this size is ideal for airline travel as it can fit in the overhead compartments. I’ve used it on months long backpacking trips so unless you’re packing A LOT or going to a very cold place, the Farpoint 55 has ample space and will be your perfect travel companion.

Osprey Backpack Review

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Osprey Backpack Review
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