The Ban Sabai Village Resort and Spa: Chiang Mai

The Resort


The Ban Sabai Resort was by far my favourite stay on my entire backpacking trip in Southeast Asia. Located north of central Chiang Mai, we arrived here after booking just a couple hours ahead of time from the Chiang Mai airport. It is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas with gorgeous sites all around.

As it wasn’t particularly close to the airport or the town driving here was the best option. If we booked more ahead of time, an airport pickup could’ve been arranged. We arrived mid afternoon¬†and was able to park our rental car along the road outside of the resort. This was a fairly unused road and safe for parking overnight.

Walking through the gates we were greeted by a beautiful lobby and friendly hotel staff. They completed the booking of our room and unlike many places I’ve come across in Thailand, they accepted American Express (along with Visa or Mastercard of course).

After the lobby, you pass by a large swimming pool and lovely gardens. Entering the room was a fantastic relief after some of the places I had stayed in previous. We stayed in the Jacuzzi Junior suite. I can’t even imagine what the villas were like, as this room was beautiful. It was certainly a treat and was pricier than the rest of much travels, but not unreasonable – less than $100USD per night. It is MUCH better than what you’d get back home for that price.

The Room

Room in Ban Sabai - Chiang Mai

The room had a huge, comfortable bed (far too many in Thailand and very hard). A great view of the pool and gardens, a comfortable sitting area, and my favourite part: the big jet bath tub.

On the other side of the resort, you’ll find the restaurant that provided a complimentary breakfast each morning. A buffet of fresh fruit, bread, and cereals, as well as food made to order, is available.

At the lobby they will arrange anything you need should you want to go on any tours. They also had a ¬†shuttle available to take you into town. We rented a car whilst here though so we didn’t end up using these services. I have written a post why I think renting a car in Chiang Mai is a good idea if it’s something you’re considering.

They also had within the resort spa services – they were pricier than in other parts of Thailand or ones that you could find in central Chiang Mai, but if you prefer convenience over price (we opted out), it is available. There are also detox and yoga programs. Our days were busy – filled with visits around the area and checking out the Tiger Kingdon and Elephant Sanctuary. If we were to stay longer I would’ve loved to do a yoga session.

I wish I stayed here closer to the end of my trip, as after this place, everywhere else was a bit of a let down in comparison.

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