The Best Carry-On Luggage: Shoulder Bag, Backpack, or Suitcase?


Determining what you bring with you on a long trip is an important decision. For light-packers, this may be all they bring with them. For unlucky travellers, this may be all they are left with should their luggage be lost. It carries your important items like laptops, cameras, documents, and more. In an ideal world, we would be able to take everything with us aboard to prevent issues, but, unfortunately, airlines have tight regulations about what size of luggage is allowed as a carry-on.

Carry-on’s vary. Backpackers will naturally take a large backpack as their carry-on. Many women opt for a large “weekend-bag” that can be carried over their shoulder. And then there is, of course, the traditional carry-on suitcase. For many holiday-makers, a carry-on suitcase is a convenient choice. It packs easily and you can roll it behind you. 

For many holiday-makers, a carry-on suitcase is a convenient choice. It packs easily and you can roll it behind you. I don’t have much to say about them, other than to pick something other than black. They’re hard to describe if lost and easily mistaken at the luggage carousel. Amazon has some great colour choices for whatever you need.



Despite the convenience of them, I almost never choose a rolling suitcase. If packed too heavy, they’re difficult to lift. The wheels don’t do much if there are stairs or cobblestones, and they’re overall less versatile.



So, what carry-on is best?

This leaves me with two main options, the shoulder bag and the backpack. Personally, I’ve used both.

My backpack is the most versatile, as the backpack I use has a detachable daypack. If I am going on a longer trip where I’m travelling from place to place, I’ll go with the backpack. It’s well padded, comfortable to carry, and has different compartments for various items.

The shoulder bag is the more fashionable option. I prefer this on shorter weekend or week trips where I have just one or two destinations. The shoulder bag I use also has wheels, and a pull out handle to pull it behind me, but the shoulder bag has a thicker strap making it more comfortable to lift when needed.    


Which Carry-On Should I choose?

This depends very much on your trip and personal style. Fashion trumps function? Go for the shoulder bag! Function over fashion — take the backpack!

Best for multiple destinations – Backpack
Best for weekend trip – Shoulder Bag
Best for heavier items – Backpack or Suitcase

These are my favourites!





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