Best Working Cafes in Madrid

It’s hard to find the right mix in a workspace. When I’m not teaching, I often find myself at a cafe to get my online work done. The hard part is finding a place with the right ambiance, decent food and coffee, isn’t closed for the siesta, and has strong, unlimited WiFi. While my hunt is far from complete, here are some of the best working cafes in Madrid.

La Ciudad Invisible 

Costanilla de los Ángeles, 7, 28013 Madrid
Metro: Opera

Great For: Getting work done, eating, and good service. 

This place has large co-working tables in the centre of the room, with smaller two-person tables around the outside. They offer a great menu for lunch, tapas, and fuel while working; including plenty of vegetarian options. The staff is very nice and speak English, French, and Spanish. The cafe offers unlimited, free-wifi, a library of travel guides, and is open all afternoon until late in the evening (no siesta closing!). The only down fall is the lack of outlets, so you can’t expect to do too much battery intensive work here. 

Google Campus

Calle Moreno Nieto, 2, 28005 Madrid

Great For: Intensive work days and collaboration

While not really a cafe, they do serve food and coffee! This place is a remote worker’s dream. You’re not obligated to buy anything and can sit down for hours on end at one of their tables. You’ll almost always have access to an outlet and their wifi is incredibly fast. As it’s not really a cafe, you do have to sign up for a membership, but it’s very simple and free. It will get you a little card that you’ll have to scan to get in. The only downfall of the place is that it can get crowded so you won’t always be able to find a table and they’re not open on weekends to non-residents.

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Pum Pum Cafe

Calle del Tribulete, 6 28012 Madrid
Metro Lavapies

Great For: vegetarian eats, overall ambiance, independent work

Pum Pum is one of my favourite places to get some work done – particularly over lunch as their food and smoothies to die for – their acai smoothie is my favourite.  Some of their tables are made from school desks, so you can store your notebooks/laptop/whatever out of the way when working on something else or eating. They’re tables are a little small to work with others, but if you need to get stuff done yourself, this is the place to go.

La Bicicleta

Pl. Ildefonso, 9, Madrid
Metro: Chueca

Great For: collaborative work, intensive work days, food & drink

La Bicicleta cafe offers a vibrant ambiance in the Madrid working cafe scene. They have separate “working” and “non-working” tables in which you can have your laptop out, but the laptop work tables always have lots of outlets and space available. Their wifi is fast and unlimited, so whatever you need to do, you can do here. They have a great variety of food, coffee, beers and cocktails, and it is a very social place so if you’re looking to collaborate with sometime this is a good place to do so. 

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