Remote Job of the Month: Translation

A remote job is something you can do from anywhere. It is the ultimate freedom when it comes to your workplace, allowing you to work from anywhere.  You can be a remote worker for a company, as a freelancer or independent contractor, or become an entrepreneur.  Check out Forbe's Top 100 companies offering remote positions in [...]

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Digital Nomad Programs: Why they aren’t for everyone

Digital Nomad Programs seem to be popping up everywhere these days. With remote work on the rise and more and more people taking the independent contractor and freelancer route, the concept of the digital nomad has grown beyond the laptop on the beach.  Travelling is becoming a greater priority for many young people, and the [...]

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The Great Canadian Cheese Festival

When avoiding "travel sickness" (the opposite of homesickness), do what the tourists do! I refuse to get reverse-culture shock. My hometown of Picton, Ontario hosted the Great Canadian Cheese Festival this past weekend. While this isn't a food blog, I'm certainly willing to travel for great food festivals and lucky for me I didn't [...]

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Why Paris Syndrome is BS.

I first heard of Paris Syndrome when I was living in Korea. There were these chain bakeries and coffee shops all over the place with a Paris Theme. On every corner, you would find a 'Paris Baguette,' or 'Tous les Jours.' Much like you could find a Tim Horton's in Canada pretty much everwhere. In [...]

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Why I Was Almost Denied Entry to Ireland

Visas. They're a complicated matter. I'm lucky and privileged in that I hold a Canadian passport that allows me to visit most countries as a tourist "visa-free." This means I don't need to apply for anything ahead of time, it is unlikely that I will need to provide documents upon arrival, and I can often [...]

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Keep The Travel Bug Alive: Combat Reverse Culture Shock

The feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, a way of life, or set of attitudes. The shock suffered by some people when they return home after a number of years overseas. This can result in unexpected difficulty in readjusting to the culture and values of [...]

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Top Travel Circuits: South America

Tourists don't know where they've been, travellers don't know where they're going. There's something fun about just packing up and not knowing where you're headed next. Sure, it may be scary - but the good kind. Backpacking can and will always throw something unexpected at you, so being flexible and ready for adventure is [...]

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Top Travel Circuits: South East Asia

I would gladly live out of a backpack if it meant I could see the world.Backpacking abroad has become something of a right of passage. Backpacking isn't something new, but it is becoming more and more popular, and even easier thanks to all the information we now have and the lowering costs of travel. But where [...]

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