Best Working Cafes in Madrid

It's hard to find the right mix in a workspace. When I'm not teaching, I often find myself at a cafe to get my online work done. The hard part is finding a place with the right ambiance, decent food and coffee, isn't closed for the siesta, and has strong, unlimited WiFi. While my [...]

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Travel Job of the Month: Tour Guide

A travel job allows you to visit new locations as your job. Some choices are more obvious for a travel job, like a flight attendant, while some may surprise you. Each month, we will highlight different travel job to give you an idea of what is possible for work when travelling. These jobs will be in a variety of fields, as the options are [...]

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I've always been a planner and list-maker. Even when I'm feeling incredibly unorganized, sitting down and planning things out, making a list, always makes me feel a little bit more in control. Sometimes these are just short, one-off plans and lists, other times I like to have a better feel for the months ahead [...]

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Goal Setting in the New Year

While goal setting can happen at any time, goal setting at New Years is beneficial. Besides it being traditional, it allows you to have an easy timeline to follow. Being able to track and measure your goals is incredibly important if you plan on accomplishing them. You can see how I reached my goal [...]

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Remote Job of the Month – Digital Production Agency

A remote job is something you can do from anywhere. It is the ultimate freedom when it comes to your workplace, allowing you to work from anywhere.  You can be a remote worker for a company, as a freelancer or independent contractor, or become an entrepreneur.  Check out Forbe's Top 100 companies offering remote positions in [...]

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Taking the Time to Turn Off

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a remote worker, or a freelancer (or even just a millennial like me), taking the time to turn off is hard. Even when I try to keep my phone away to take some time to relax, I feel a "ghost buzz". It's as though it's right back in my pocket and anxiety [...]

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Gift Giving as a Traveller

You don't need another gift guide. No one knows your friends and family quite like you do. Gift giving as a traveller, however, can be a little tricky. Maybe you're backpacking through South East Asia or living abroad. Either way, bringing back gifts for friends and family can take up precious backpack space. If you're [...]

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Surviving and Celebrating the Holidays Abroad

Spending the holidays abroad can be rough. You're missing friends and family, traditions no longer seem traditional, and what if you're in a place that doesn't recognize the holiday at all?!  This year, I'll have spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in Spain. The previous year I spent Christmas in Ireland and the year prior to that, in [...]

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