Digital Nomad Programs: Why they aren’t for everyone

Digital Nomad Programs seem to be popping up everywhere these days. With remote work on the rise and more and more people taking the independent contractor and freelancer route, the concept of the digital nomad has grown beyond the laptop on the beach.  Travelling is becoming a greater priority for many young people, and the [...]

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The Great Canadian Cheese Festival

When avoiding "travel sickness" (the opposite of homesickness), do what the tourists do! I refuse to get reverse-culture shock. My hometown of Picton, Ontario hosted the Great Canadian Cheese Festival this past weekend. While this isn't a food blog, I'm certainly willing to travel for great food festivals and lucky for me I didn't [...]

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Why Airbnb is a Remote Worker’s Dream

The freelance and gig economy is growing. It's evolving. More and more people are switching to freelance, contract work, and in turn going remote.  Being able to work wherever you want is liberating. People with young children can stay home if they wish. Those with the travel bug (like yours truly) can work from a [...]

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1 Day Tour in Scotland with Haggis Adventures

Scotland has so much to offer, it's literally impossible to see it all - especially during a short stay. I was visiting Edinburgh for one week, house and pet sitting on the outskirts of the city centre, near Arthur's Seat. Many days were spent exploring the city, the beautiful old buildings, the castle on [...]

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VIPKid Review – The Honest Truth

I have been teaching online with VIPKid since November 2016. Having taught ESL in Korea for a couple of years, the idea of teaching ESL online to young Chinese students didn’t seem too far off. Now that I'm nearing my end of my first contract, here's the honest truth - a VIPkid Review. What is [...]

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Backpack Review: Osprey Farpoint 55

The Backpack : Far Point 55 My Osprey backpack goes just about everywhere with me. Ever since I got it in 2014, it has travelled with me to Korea, South East Asia, and most recently to Europe. At only 55 liters it is on the smaller end of long-term backpacking packs - [...]

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Ride Share your way through Europe – A Blablacar Review

Blablacar: The Site Blablacar is a rideshare website, or "carpooling community" as they call it. The interface is surprisingly simple; put in where you're leaving from and where you want to go and if there are people offering rides, they'll show up. There is one downside to this system though, you can't put in general [...]

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My stay at Au Nid du Thil: Beauvais

My stay in Beauvais was a short but enjoyable one. I arrived late in Beauvais after a short flight from Dublin. Originally wanting to take a bus to my hotel I found the bus stop at a time where there wouldn't be one arriving for another 40 minutes! I ended up in a taxi [...]

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A Day in Beauvais

I arrived at Beauvais Airport (BVA) quite late. The vast majority of the people on the plane took the bus straight to Paris. I decided to stay and check out this city. Outside the airport was pretty dead. I didn’t notice any taxis and the only bus I saw was for Paris. The man [...]

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