Working With VIPKID: A 2018 Update – Part Two

In part one, we covered the 2018 updates in getting hired with VIPKid. We discussed the stricter base requirements and exactly what they're looking for during the Mock Class.  Related: VIPKID Review - The Honest Truth but what happens after the mock class? Depending on how you did on the performance indicators (as outlined in [...]

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Online Minimalist Teaching

When you're looking for your perfect online teaching job you'll come across a lot of images like this: All I could think when I saw those images was "wow, they're committed". Most of my time teaching online I've been doing so whilst travelling. Obviously, I can't fit an entire office or [...]

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Teach to Travel

I never thought I would become a teacher. I still have a hard time calling myself that, or identifying as any profession really. But after finishing university, I've been able to teach to travel my way around the world. I knew I wanted to do something useful; which is why I took international development in [...]

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