Visit Madrid in the Winter

Madrid in the winter is great in the way that they don't really have winter. Mind you, this is coming from a Canadian. If you're reading this as someone from say Australia or Florida, you may have a different opinion. While I don't think it gets particularly cold, you do see some Spaniards wearing [...]

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Best Working Cafes in Madrid

It's hard to find the right mix in a workspace. When I'm not teaching, I often find myself at a cafe to get my online work done. The hard part is finding a place with the right ambiance, decent food and coffee, isn't closed for the siesta, and has strong, unlimited WiFi. While my [...]

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Barcelona – a Gaudi Masterpiece

Barcelona is by far the most beautiful city I've ever been to. I could wander around for ages and still find something beautiful to look at. A relaxing park, an interesting building, a museum. Much of the beautiful architecture and interesting buildings can be attributed to artist Antoni Gaudi. His magnum opus, or masterpiece, [...]

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Tasting Catalunya Wine

When I'm travelling, particularly alone, I like to try to get out and meet new people. Finding events on Facebook or Meetup is perfect for this. This week, while in Barcelona, I attended a meetup hosted by a sommelier from England to taste my way through Catalunya wines. What/Where is Catalunya? Catalunya or Catalonia is an [...]

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