Digital Nomad Programs: Why they aren’t for everyone

Digital Nomad Programs seem to be popping up everywhere these days. With remote work on the rise and more and more people taking the independent contractor and freelancer route, the concept of the digital nomad has grown beyond the laptop on the beach.  Travelling is becoming a greater priority for many young people, and the [...]

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Why Airbnb is a Remote Worker’s Dream

The freelance and gig economy is growing. It's evolving. More and more people are switching to freelance, contract work, and in turn going remote.  Being able to work wherever you want is liberating. People with young children can stay home if they wish. Those with the travel bug (like yours truly) can work from a [...]

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Interview for BEDA

As you may know from other posts on this blog, one of my favourite ways to travel, live, and work abroad is by teaching English. I recently applied for the BEDA Program in Spain. It is one of many teaching programs in Spain and is based mostly in Madrid. I had my interview for BEDA this [...]

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How to travel more: Living life trip to trip – not paycheck to paycheck

Many people stay in one area, whether it a town or city, or a state or province for the majority of their life. If they can, they take a week or two off each year to venture off somewhere new. Some take a gap year before college and afterwards start ‘real life.’ Some simply dream [...]

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Earning Extra Money in Seoul

So you've found the teaching job you want and you're making alright money buuuttt.... it's just not cutting it. Maybe you have loads of student debt, enjoy shopping a little too much in Myeongdong, you have big vacation plans for Chuseok, or nights out in Gangnam are just too much fun to give up. Whatever [...]

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