Summer in Ontario

This year I've been able to spend an entire season in my home province of Ontario. I wish I was able to explore more of Canada as a whole whilst here, Ontario alone is larger than most countries, making that quite difficult.  It's been wonderful being able to see friends and family and to do [...]

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Living in Limbo

It seems as though I'm always either coming or going. Whether I'm between contracts working abroad or my next travelling adventure, outside of a teaching contract, I tend not to be in one place more than a few months. This rollercoaster of a life feels like it comes to a screeching halt once I'm "home". [...]

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The Great Canadian Cheese Festival

When avoiding "travel sickness" (the opposite of homesickness), do what the tourists do! I refuse to get reverse-culture shock. My hometown of Picton, Ontario hosted the Great Canadian Cheese Festival this past weekend. While this isn't a food blog, I'm certainly willing to travel for great food festivals and lucky for me I didn't [...]

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