A Day in Beauvais

I arrived at Beauvais Airport (BVA) quite late. The vast majority of the people on the plane took the bus straight to Paris. I decided to stay and check out this city. Outside the airport was pretty dead. I didn’t notice any taxis and the only bus I saw was for Paris. The man at the Paris bus line informed me there was a bus into Beauvais around the corner. I walked and saw a bus stop, but didn’t notice the sign that said when the bus to the hotels was coming – at the bus stop itself the regular buses had already stopped running. Walking around for a while and asking a few more people I saw hotel bus sign – the bus wasn’t to arrive for another 40 minutes! I contemplated walking (which would’ve taken about the same amount of time) but at -2 Celsius, I wasn’t about to do that. Finally, a taxi showed up.
About a ten-minute drive and 15 euro cab ride later I was at my BnB – Au Nid du Thil. Good thing the owner saw the taxi pull up, as there wasn’t much signage. I was ushered to my room and told a few things about which lights are for what and where things are (cups, cutlery, breakfast foods, etc.) I was quite tired and the owner spoke limited English, but with the visuals, I got the idea.
The room at the Au Nid du Thil was gorgeous. Very spacious, yet cozy; a little over decorated for my taste, but not tacky. Also, the shower was fantastic – a giant rainfall shower head was exactly what I needed after a long day.
The next day I walked into town. All I could think of on my walk was the intro song in the Beauty and the Beast – little town. It took about ten minutes before I reached “Centre-ville” and it started to look more like an actual city.
I wandered around for a while, taking in the sights. There were many pedestrian only roads and lots of old buildings and shops to look at. I visited a small museum called ‘Le Quadri Latere’ that displayed some ceramics, some tapestry and discussed architecture while describing the development of Beauvais. This was next to the beautiful St. Pierre Cathedral. A massive church that is stunning both inside and out.
I stopped for lunch at a place across from the cathedral called Le Zinc Bleu and enjoyed a very good quiche and a coffee. They had quite a few other things on their sign/menu but this was one of the few I recognized and knew I would like. Realistically though I could’ve closed my eyes and pointed – French food is fantastic so I would’ve ended up with something good regardless.
Afterwards, on the other side of the cathedral was the Musee de L’Oise (MUDO) that had an exhibit on Divas and Divines. A free museum that is inside a restored castle – certainly worth a visit. The main photo is the entrance to this castle/museum. And there’s free wifi in there.
I wandered around a bit more, saw their Mairie de Beauvais (City Hall) along with the town square. I feel this town would be much nicer in the spring as there are many parks and bike paths. That and it just wouldn’t be as cold.
Eventually, I made it to the Gare de Beauvais, the city’s train station. I bought my ticket into Paris for the following morning (10.90 euro). I stopped at the Bull Dog Cafe across to do some writing and relax with a glass of wine. It is a cute and comfortable little cafe with decent wifi.

Work Remotely in Beauvais?

Personally – it’s a no for me. It could be done, but the wifi isn’t particularly strong in the cafe, the public areas or in the hotel. I didn’t find many cafes that looked work friendly – most were full on restaurants or pubs. Beauvais seems like it would be a great place to live – only a quick train ride away from Paris, it’s cozy and adorable, and has everything you need – but there just isn’t much going on otherwise.

Worth a Visit?

Absolutely! If you’re flying into Beauvais at all anyways, stay and spend a day or two. It is called the town of Art and History and has some beautiful sights to see. It’s not particularly large, so you don’t need to much time, but definitely worth it to see. Although I wouldn’t make a specific destination out of it, it’s worth coming in a day before or flight or staying a day after arriving before the journey to Paris.
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