Remote Job of the Month: E-commerce Apparel

A remote job is something you can do from anywhere. It is the ultimate freedom when it comes to your workplace, allowing you to work from anywhere. 

You can be a remote worker for a company, as a freelancer or independent contractor, or become an entrepreneur. 

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Each month, we will highlight different remote jobs to give you an idea of what is possible as a remote worker. These jobs will be in a variety of fields – being a digital nomad isn’t just for techies. 

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This Month’s Remote Job: E-commerce – Apparel 


Shopping is something we all do. Recently, our shopping experience has shifted from primarily brick and mortar shops to an online platform. People like to do their shopping from the comfort of their own and be offered a range of products they could never get in a single shop, mall, or even city. 

When you run an online store, you can control the product, the “storefront”, prices, and marketing. Much like you would in a traditional shop. But when working remotely through E-commerce, a benefit is that you don’t necessarily need to make or have the product yourself. 

Here’s one example or working remotely with an e-commerce apparel store.

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Featured Remote Worker: Savanna Schiavo


The E-Commerce Apparel Business

With E-Commerce, one can work completely remotely. Utilising a process known as drop shipping, the store owners never even have to handle the merchandise should they so choose. While it’s so much more than simply having a great website, it’s quite different than a traditional brick and mortar store as well. 

Design, SEO, Marketing, and lots of research come into play when it comes to running an e-commerce apparel business. 


Savanna - Ecommerce
Shaken into action by the injustices and inequalities in our world, Savanna wanted to create something that contributed in some way to the issues that we face as people on this planet. With the election of Trump in the United States, she felt completely overwhelmed by the hate that was finding its voice, so she got to work and found hers.
She created a company that encourages individuals to come together and stand up for and with each other. Our style tells a story; it tells the world who we are. 

I feel honored to be able to help individuals tell a part of their story.


More about the job:

All of To Be A We’s products are printed and shipped by a partner company, which allows Savanna to be hands-off in that part of her business. Currently, she works on To Be A We in the evenings and weekends, as she also works full-time as a fundraiser for a local charity.

Many of the skills I’ve learned through my work as a fundraiser have benefitted me in my business. Advice I was given was to utilize the skills you already have, and slowly build up the ones you don’t. I think new online business owners will be surprised at some of the knowledge they already have, even if there is lots more to know.

A successful store depends on so much more than just a great website. Savanna had to teach herself Photoshop, read everything she could about online marketing, slowly gain knowledge about SEO, and work closely with the support team of her store to bring her vision to life. She’s still learning and building and growing her brand and business and she always will be.

I tell others that a business (especially one that’s online) is a marathon, not a sprint. You try to move a step closer to your goal every day.

While setting up a store itself is relatively easy, creating a great, powerful, converting store with unique products takes time. There are so many online stores today. Making yours stand out, gathering a following, and building your brand takes significant time.

There are no “general salaries” in this field. What you sell, who your demographic is, quality and pricing all make great differences in eventual profit.

Savanna’s “Typical Day” as a Remote Worker 

Managing a business alone means there’s never a shortage of work to be done, and every day looks different from the last. After I wrap up my 10-hour workday at my full-time job, I decide what my evening schedule will look like and what tasks I can complete before the end of the day. On weekends, I dedicate long stretches of time to my company but make sure to find time for myself and my family and friends. With a never-ending list of tasks to complete, it can be hard to stop working, but it’s the very thing I need to recharge and keep pushing forward.

I try and set measurable goals for myself that help moves my business forward, but I’m learning the majority of my work – tasks like improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO), creating Facebook ads, social media campaigns, or email blasts – can take a while. Having goals and a vision of where I want to be is a big help.

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