Free and cheap things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city; luckily you don’t even need a lot of money to have a good time there! Here are some free and cheap things to do in Barcelona.


get outside

Free & Cheap things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona has some MASSIVE and beautiful parks. My favourite was the Parc de la Ciutadella. Centrally located, you’ll find areas with fountains, benches, wide open spaces, and more. There are museums along the edges of it and it leads to the Arc de Triomf. The zoo is also located in this park that you can visit for under 20 euros.

Nearby this park is the Port Olimpic. Here you can go for a walk, run, bike ride, etc. There are also many restaurants and bars. You can also rent boats and do other water activities.


Further north in the city is the very famous Parc Guell. Designed by Antoni Gaudi you can enter this masterfully beautiful park completely for free. There is one section with the museum that requires an entrance fee, but if you wait until after 6pm, you can get in there for free too!

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In general, Barcelona is a very accessible city that you can enjoy walking around in. There are beautiful buildings and natural sights to enjoy. If it seems a little too far to walk, there are tons of companies around for you to rent bikes from (for less than 10 euros a day – some hostels even offer them free!). Or you could get a scooter or segway.

visit museums

Free & Cheap things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona has a rich history and is home to some amazing artists. They range from 5 to 10 euro in price (and if you’re a student, they’re likely free!). Many cathedrals also have a museum, and if not, have a rich history in and of themselves – and are certainly worth a visit. Many churches/cathedrals are free, with the exception of the Sagrada Familia (prices vary from 8 – 30 euros).

Some noteable museums include the Picasso Museum (no photos allowed unfortunately), the national history museum, or the Museum of Contemporary art. They even have some stranger museums like the marijuana museum!


You’re bound to see some weird stuff in the museums too. The MACBA had these odd exhibits on when I visited!

check out cafes & restaurants

Free & Cheap things to do in Barcelona

Everywhere you go, you’ll see a cafe or a tapas bar or something of the sort. Particularly around tourist sites or plazas. Many of these cafes offer full-on three-course meals! At very reasonable prices; I got one for less than 10 euros! Mind you, that was lunch, but still!

Many of the cafes and restaurants have wifi too! So if you need to get any work done, you’re good to go.


Try to plan your travels around an event. When I went it was carnival season! I was able to see street dancing and parades – ALL FOR FREE!

What other free and cheap things in Barcelona do you know of?

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