Goal Setting in the New Year

While goal setting can happen at any time, goal setting at New Years is beneficial. Besides it being traditional, it allows you to have an easy timeline to follow. Being able to track and measure your goals is incredibly important if you plan on accomplishing them. You can see how I reached my goal and the tools I used to do so this year.

Whether it be a simple goal or a big one, there’s no reason why this year can’t be your year. When goal setting in the new year, you’re already in the mindset for it. You’re ready to make a change and it’s easier to find accountability buddies to ensure you stick to it.

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I’ve broken my goals down here into a few different categories: general, personal, and business. The general goal is broader and applies to many aspects of my life. It’s not just one thing I can do, but many. It is composed of a variety of steps in order to get my shit together. My personal goal is something I need to do for an overall lifestyle shift. My personal goal is set to make me a better me. Lastly, my business goal is the most specific of the bunch. A clearly defined event for me to work towards to make happen. 

Without further ado, 

Here are my goal setting plans:

General Goal: Be More Organized

I have so many files, documents, photos, that are all but useless to me because I have no idea where they are. Files are labelled img_#######. Hundreds, if not thousands of them. This makes anything I want to do take so much longer as I have to sort through this mess. While much of it is my computer, I also have things stored in the cloud and physical notebooks that need to be organized too. Lesson plans and activities for teaching, personal documents and tax forms that I’ll eventually need. Once done, it’ll be so much easier to complete tasks efficiently and then it’ll just be a matter of sticking to it. While having a planner helps me organize each day, having everything else organize will hopefully keep me less stressed.

Personal Goal: Establishing Some Kind of Routine

Travelling makes it difficult to have a set routine, and I don’t exactly plan to have my days planned out to the minute. But even if it’s something as simple as ensuring I eat breakfast every day and get in some (regular!) exercise – it’d be a good start.

Business Goal: Launch My Online Store

A Wanderdolls shop is something I’ve toying with for a while and the pieces are finally coming together for it to come to fruition. It will include personally picked pieces for travellers, remote workers, teachers, and those looking for travel inspiration in their home.

My readers and subscribers will get a special pre-launch viewing along with some great discounts. If you haven’t signed up already to receive these, be sure to add your email below and keep an eye out for this special email in January!

As it will be a pre-launch, I’d love to hear your feedback. How you like the site, any issues you have with it, and any items you’d like me to include. Just reply to the email once you get it – I read and respond to each personally 🙂

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