Korean Oddities – In Photos

I’ve previously made about post about some of my culture shock experiences when I was living in Seoul, South Korea. Something that, if you choose to do, and are from the west, you will certainly experience. The follow photos have next to nothing to do with culture shock, just some things I found strange, cool, or awesome – in a weird way (the best kind of way).

The Shops

Shops in Korea always had interesting displays or set ups. Even when they seemed to have nothing to do with the store, you were always able to see something interesting. Of course, a lot of the stuff they sell is pretty neat too. The shops are often small and loaded with funky trinkets. Also, Korea has skin shops like Canada has Tim Horton’s. Literally everywhere.

The Cafes

In Korea, many people live in fairly small apartments. This makes having lots of people over to hang out a little uncomfortable. Because of this, Korea is crawling with cafes to meet up in. Both the regular coffee drinking kind and ones with themes. Want to hang out with cats or dogs? There’s a cafe for that. Want to read a book? There’s a cafe full of them. Hello kitty fan? There’s a cafe theme for you. Want some adorable bingsu?¬†loads of options for that. And then there is my personal favourite, board game cafes.

City Sights


Korea is full of strange and beautiful sights. Often of the colourful variety. I loved the umbrella installation at the Mecenatpolis Mall near Sinchon. The piano staircase was coming out of a subway station and the beautiful “I Love You” graffiti can be seen by the even more beautiful Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan. No matter where you’re headed in Seoul, you’re sure to see something beautiful.



Whether they’re a typical sculpture/statue or made of flowers or lights, there are certainly many installations to see. Some are there all the time, some only for festival seasons. They can be seen all around the country. The ones above are mostly from Seoul, but also from Jeongdongjin. Loveland in Jeju Island however (below), takes the cake when it comes to weird sculptures

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