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As everyone is looking for something different, these items may or may not come in useful. If you have no intention of starting a website, you don’t need a host. If you don’t like coffee, why would you want it delivered to you? But just in case you are or do, here are some little extras you may be looking for.

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The first thing you’ll need is a domain. This is how people will recognize your site and what is typed into the URL bar. The domain for this site is www.wanderdolls.com. On NameCheap you can search through domains that interest you and purchase them (very cheaply) once you find the one (or many if doing multiple sites) that you like. The interface is simple with good customer service and easy guides for pointing your domain to your host.


Once (or if) you decide to start a website. You’ll need somewhere to host your site. This host serves as a place that holds all your files that get translated to what you see as a webpage. See more explanation as to what hosting is here. I use hostgator, and as a newbie to making sites they have been incredibly helpful. Their interface is easy to use, they have one-click wordpress install and have fantastic customer service. Using the link above will also give you 20% off of their services!

Themes, plugins, and more.

Once you have your site, you’ll want it to either do certain things or look a certain way. This is where themes and plugins come in. While many are free, if you want something custom, enhanced, or ad-free, you’ll need to go premium. ThemeForest on the Envato Marketplace is one-stop shopping for these items. I bought the theme for this site through there.

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If you’re anything like me and require caffeine to get you through your day – this company is for you. They send you a monthly box of coffee from different places around Hawaii to wherever you may be in the world. Homebodies or travellers, it’ll get to you. Using the code WANDERDOLLS when you sign up or simply clicking the link above will get you $5 off your first order!

Email Service

Considering doing some email marketing? Mailerlite lets you do that FOR FREE up to 1000 subscribers. Super easy platform with great automation features. Is it the absolute best out there? Probably not. Is it free and easy to use and simple to get started with? Yes – which I why I’m using it. I find the “better” ones either incredibly complicated or incredibly costly.

Learn Stuff

Not quite sure how to get started? Udemy offers loads of online courses. Entrepreneurship, blogging, affiliate marketing, photography, 3D Animation, coding and more! They often have sales for their most in-demand courses (bringing them down from over $100 to $10!) so be sure to keep checking back or subscribe in the sidebar and I’ll letcha know 🙂

other resources

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