Remote Job of the Month: Social Media Marketing and Management

A remote job is something you can do from anywhere. It is the ultimate freedom when it comes to your workplace, allowing you to work from anywhere. 

You can be a remote worker for a company, as a freelancer or independent contractor, or become an entrepreneur. 

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Each month, we will highlight different remote jobs to give you an idea of what is possible as a remote worker. These jobs will be in a variety of fields; being a digital nomad isn’t just for techies. 


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Remote Job of the Month: Social Media Marketing


As social media is ever growing. More and more businesses are turning to it for their advertising needs. Social media allows to businesses to target their demographics in a way never capable by other advertising mediums. With social media advertising already being a massive industry and one that is predicted to grow, social media marketers and managers are in increasing demand.

Social Media Marketers and Managers can choose to work for themselves, remotely, from home, or on site at a company. For the purposes of this article, we will be focusing on remote Social Media Marketing and Management.

Remote Job of the Month - Social Media Marketing

Featured Remote Worker: Deirdre Flynn Fentem


Social Media Marketing and Management: The Business


Deirdre works in collaboration with her clients and crafts a customized social media strategy. She creates tailored content, oversees community management and social media advertising. Her goal is to deepen the customer’s online presence. This is to grow awareness of their brand with target clientele and see growth and sustainability in sales.

While someone could work for a company in Social Media Marketing and Management, Deirdre works remotely and for herself. She has calls with clients to connect, answer questions and to discuss upcoming projects and launches.


Social Media Marketing and Management - Deirdre Photo
Deirdre is a former New Yorker turned Coloradan. She started in this business almost by accident and Little Red Promotions wabornne out of a deep personal loss. 
 For several years she worked in the non-profit world and she found herself taking on more and more of the marketing due to necessity. Deirdre partnered up with an anti-human trafficking organization and in 31 days raised over $45,000 for 5 non-profits by utilizing social media alone.
When Deirdre and her husband relocated to Colorado, she was able to secure a freelance position with a social media marketing agency. She learned a tremendous amount working with that agency and started to help her entrepreneurial friends with their social media. They were kind enough to say they were going to pay me for my efforts. This then grew into having her own clients as a side hustle.
Little Red Promotions® provides expert strategy and customization for social media marketing and management for established businesses looking to deepen their online presence, strengthen their connections, and optimize their engagement

Since starting my company, I have never looked back. Even with the ups and downs and unknowns of the self-employed life I am so thankful to be able to do this.


More about the job:

Deirdre is available for her clients 40 hours a week. Her workload varies depending on where she is in the month. For instance, the beginning of the month requires more time spent strategizing for the month ahead and aligning advertising. The middle of the month is more tweaking and managing.

Money Matters

That varies on how you price yourself and how many clients you manage at once. Where you are located is also important. I know people who bill as little as $300 a month (TOO LOW! Don’t underprice yourself) to as much as $2,000 a month per client.


Deirdre’s “Typical Day” as a Remote Worker 

My work days vary depending on what time of the month it is. Typically it involves coffee (because #coffee), checking my inbox for any emails that require any immediate response or changes to scheduled social media, checking client accounts to see if there are any comments or questions that need a response, and checking ads to see if things are performing well.

Then I settle into content creation or advertising creation for clients Mixed in there are any ghostwriting projects I am working on, blog posts I have pending (I have a blog called “What Would a Social Media Marketer Do in 350 words or less”), 20-minute consultation calls or teaching social media training. I work in time chunks and find myself to be the most productive between 11-1:30 and then 4-6:30.

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