Remote Job of the Month: Yoga Teaching

A remote job is something you can do from anywhere. It is the ultimate freedom when it comes to your workplace, allowing you to work from anywhere. 

You can be a remote worker for a company, as a freelancer or independent contractor, or become an entrepreneur. 

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Each month, we will highlight different remote jobs to give you an idea of what is possible as a remote worker. These jobs will be in a variety of fields – being a digital nomad isn’t just for techies. 

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This Month’s Remote Job: Yoga Teaching


People around the world care about their health and yoga is an incredibly popular way of staying fit. It not only helps your body but your mind too, by allowing you to feel better overall. 

Featured Remote Worker: Kayla Kurin


Teaching Yoga

Teaching yoga can be done 100% remotely, but, for Kayla it requires some facetime. She teaches yoga online by running online courses and offering 1 on 1 classes over Skype. However, she also enjoys teaching classes and workshops abroad when she’s settled in a place for a while. So it some ways it is both a remote job and a travel job.


Remote Job of the Month: Yoga Teacher
Kayla is an online yoga teacher and social media manager. After almost a year of travelling Kayla wanted a job she could do remotely. She had experience in marketing and communications and loved working with social media. It’s also a creative job and she enjoys thinking up ideas for a campaign and working with all kinds of different media. She decided to become a yoga teacher around the same time. She had practiced yoga for several years herself, and it had helped her through some tough health issues.

I wanted to teach it to other people also living with chronic health conditions because I had seen the good yoga could do.


More about the job:

Kayla has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Classics and is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor.  When it comes to teaching yoga, your own practice is most important, but a minimum of 200-hour teacher training is required.

Money Matters

Kayla supplements her income as a social media manager with yoga teaching with about 20-25% of her income coming from teaching yoga or writing about yoga.

Incomes for both positions will vary based on your experience and the type of clients or students you want to work with. You can make anywhere between $20,000-$120,000 (USD). It is truly what you make of it and there isn’t really a set amount.

Kayla’s “Typical Day” as a Remote Worker 

Being a nomad, I’m not sure I have a typical day! Most often, my day might look something like this:

7:30- wake up, read, make tea

8:00- yoga and meditation

9:00 – start work, doing social media sweeps for my clients, checking emails, reading the news and relevant articles online

10:00 – start work on any big projects I have for clients and myself

12:00 – check-in with emails again, finish any small tasks

1:00-3:00 – lunch break, depending on how busy I am I like to take a long lunch to read or go out and explore the city I’m in.

3:00 – back to work, checking in with emails, doing my afternoon sweeps

4:00 – working on creative projects

5:00 – set my to-do list for the next day

The hours can vary, as I work with clients in different time zones and may have to take client calls in the evening. Depending on how I’m feeling I might work from home, go to a cafe or library, or work from a coworking space.

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