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remote work resources

Whether you’re planning on quitting your 9-5 to travel the world or just want something on the side to help pay off your student loans, freelancing (and other remote work) is worth looking into. It’s a big leap for many people, venturing out on your own, “being your own boss,” and leaving stability, but it certainly can pay off. Starting is the hardest part. You need to determine what your skill set is, build up a portfolio, and/or a base of clients. These sites will help you do just that.


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remote work resources

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general freelancing sites


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Fiverr is perfect for those looking for small side jobs for extra income. It is also great for building up a portfolio or finding someone to work on a task you can’t. You and post or find ANYTHING on Fiverr. From logo design to psychic readings, anything is possible.

People per Hour is great for freelancers looking to get into design, copywriting, translation, promotion, or development. You can offer fixed hourly projects called “hourlies” or apply for posted jobs.

The smaller site of the options listed, but this also means less competition. This site is great for work on websites, business admin, support, sales, and writing/translation. 

Go to Guru

You can browse both online and local jobs on Freelancer. They have a simple and intuitive interface. Great for freelancers looking to get into writing, business, technology, sales, or media. The only downside is the tedious process of verifying your identity.

Arguably the biggest and the best, but also takes some of the highest fees. Upwork came from a merger of Odesk and Elance, and has the most users, however when starting out this may not be your best bet as there is also the most competition on this site.

Outsourcely is intended for those looking for long-term remote work. A great resource for regular work and finding ongoing clients, or for hiring someone you need. 

work remotely course

hone your craft

If you’re not sure you’re skilled enough in one area to offer it as a service, study up! Taking courses from some of the best in the industry will help you perfect your skills. 

Learn anything from coding, drop shipping, to even the basics of excel. These are great general learning courses.


These courses are by blogging superstar, Nomadic Matt

Super Star Blogging
Super Star Blogging

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