Why Paris Syndrome is BS.

I first heard of Paris Syndrome when I was living in Korea. There were these chain bakeries and coffee shops all over the place with a Paris Theme. On every corner, you would find a 'Paris Baguette,' or 'Tous les Jours.' Much like you could find a Tim Horton's in Canada pretty much everwhere. In [...]

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Visiting Carcassonne

About the City of Carcassone Located in the Languedoc area of Southern France, the city of Carcassonne is far more than just the board game I know and love. The city is famous for the medieval citadel "La Cite" - a UNESCO world heritage site. This citadel (aka giant ass castle/fortified city) is France's second most [...]

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Visiting Sarlat, France

Sarlat-la-Caneda is a small medieval town in the South of France. It is in South-Western France, in  Dordogne. It is one of the few towns to remain preserved and is most representative of 14th century France. Sarlat is a beautiful little town that one could get lost in just walking around, sipping coffee, or taking [...]

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A Day in Beauvais

I arrived at Beauvais Airport (BVA) quite late. The vast majority of the people on the plane took the bus straight to Paris. I decided to stay and check out this city. Outside the airport was pretty dead. I didn’t notice any taxis and the only bus I saw was for Paris. The man [...]

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