Korean Oddities – In Photos

I've previously made about post about some of my culture shock experiences when I was living in Seoul, South Korea. Something that, if you choose to do, and are from the west, you will certainly experience. The follow photos have next to nothing to do with culture shock, just some things I found strange, [...]

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5 Must Do’s in Seoul

1. Experience the Old Korea has an amazing and diverse history. Within Seoul, you can visit palaces, temples, and cultural villages. Some are massive and surround the city, others are tiny and tucked away. Want to visit ALL the best palaces in Seoul? Book a Tour! Gyeongbukgung Palace This palace is the largest of the [...]

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Troubles in Korea

The Issues in Korea If you’re considering living in Korea and have been doing research about the country, you likely have come across some scandals. Or perhaps, if your family is anything like mine, they’ll try to convince you not to go. Their sole reasoning being ‘North Korea.’ Although of course there are issues (as [...]

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Korea Part Three: Life in Toy Town

Living at the English Village was interesting. It had this beautiful campus that was set up to look like a western style village, with gorgeous mountains in the background. Actually living there though was a lot like living back in college dorms. There were five buildings for teachers for this school, and some people from [...]

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