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If you’re looking to get into freelancing or online work, you’ve likely come across a few ads to be an online English teacher. I currently teach online through a company called VIPKid – which I will do a full review on next month after I’ve been with the company for 3 full months.

In general, I love teaching online. You get to set your own schedule (sometimes with limitations or minimum hours) and talk to some of the sweetest students.  You also never have to worry about where you are – as long as you have good internet.

This has made travelling much easier. I have been able to supplement my income while on the go and not have to worry about visa issues.

Here I’ve compiled a list of companies that offer remote teaching positions. They’re based all over the world, though I find the vast majority are in China. Do note that some have restrictions on who they hire. Most will require you to be a native English speaker, and many will require you to be from a specific country/region (i.e. North American only). They also greatly vary in pay (regionally, based on experience, etc). Although I don’t work with the companies listed here if there is pay or policy related things I have done my best to note them. I have also discluded Tutor companies that don’t have a clear or obvious application area or contact for simplicity of application purposes and to ensure the most accurate data. List will be edited to add more as I come across them.

Now, without further ado – The List!

No Nationality Restrictions



Preply – Allows you to teach a variety of subjects (with languages being among the most popular). You can set your own rates and schedule and are paid via PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill.

Landi – Teaches Chinese students 1:1 or 2:1. They have their own platform and provide all lesson material. Classes are 25 minutes. You’re required to have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and prefers those with teaching experience. Payment is 18-25 USD per hour.

Way Up – Teaches Chinese students and states that all are welcome to apply. They do however prefer candidates that have some teaching experience. Pay is between 10-13USD.

Tute – Tute teaches students all around the world. There are no listed background requirements beyond a criminal record check and wages vary with experience and qualifications.

osConnect – They are looking for teachers who are native speakers or “Native-like.” To teach here you also need at least an intermediate level of Spanish. You would teach individual or group classes and when you email to apply they ask you to state your availability and wage range. They also pay for writing correction, marking, answering questions on the platform and developing teaching materials.

Must Be Native English Speaker


Voxy – At Voxy, teachers teach student from all around the world, anyone looking to learn English. Teaching here, you must be able to commit to 15+ hours per week and are required to have teaching experience. They also prefer those with multiple language skills. Pay is up to 18USD per hour.

English Key – teach to Latin American students. They prefer teaching experience but it is not required, and you only need to be available for a minimum of 10 hours per week. The rate varies based on experience. Typically you’d be teaching 2 students at a time. They don’t use their own platform but you can use your own Skype, Zoom, or GoToMeeting.

Cambly – With Cambly you teach through a phone or tablet and has no minimum hours. You completely control your schedule. This company pays you by the minute (0.17USD per minute) and you get paid weekly through paypal.

LOI – You teach a variety of ESL students and only need to be available for 25 hours per month. Your starting pay is around 10USD per hour, however, could go up with TEFL Certifications more teaching experience. Your classes would be taught over Skype but booked through their platform.

GoFluent – They are currently looking for Corporate English Trainers. They specifically want those from the UK, the US, or Canada, who are residing in Mexico or other Central American countries. This company focuses on Business English.

Two Sigmas – this is a platform that matches tutors to students. The preference is for a North American accent but it is not listed as a requirement. They want you to be available for 7.5 hours a week, have an ESL certification, a degree in a related subject, and the pay is up to $20USD/hour.

SkyLearn – This company teaches English and other subject courses (Math, Geography, etc). They mention that they prefer a North American accent but not that it is a requirement. They state that the salary you receive would reflect the country you’re living in, so if you are travelling but from a more expensive country, I would suggest you use that address when applying. You will be paid via paypal.

Education First – To teach here you must have a university degree (or be in your last year of study) and be available for a minimum of 15 hours per week. They prefer those with a TEFL, degree, and/or second language ability.

Lingua Airlines – To teach at Lingua Airlines you are required to have a TEFL/TESOL/TESL certificate. You will be required to be available for a minimum of 15 hours per week and will pay 10-20USD per hour depending on class type and qualifications.

Training Express Group – this company is specifically looking for native speakers from North America, the U.K. or the EU that are currently residing in Spain. You must be at least 22 years old and have a minimum of two years of university education.

DaDaABC – this company is based in China and you can earn up to $25USD per hour. You require a bachelor’s degree and a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week throughout a 6 month contract. They have many payment options including Paypal and wire transfer – or if you’re in Shanghai, you can get your salary in cash! Check out Digino for more information about getting hired.

Pudtree –  At pudtree they are looking for teachers from the US, the UK, Canada, or Australia. Although they don’t list the other countries I’m sure those from other native English speaking countries like South Africa, Ireland, or New Zealand could apply. You also require a minimum of a year of teaching experience and a bachelors degree in any field. Pay ranges from $17-$22 USD per hour.

BoxFish – you would teach Chinese students via an app from your phone or tablet. The conversational style teaching is done in short increments and you can teach at any time. Pay is approximate $20USD per hour.

Must be from North America

VIPKid – This is the company I work with so I have the most insight here relative to the others. You can get paid up to $22 USD an hour, however, most seem to make between $18USD and $20USD. You submit your CV and fill out a profile. Then you’ll move onto the interview stage and do a mock lesson. You then may do a second mock lesson where you should use the feedback from the first one to improve on your second. Afterwards, you’ll watch a bunch of training videos and take a quiz to ensure your understanding. The process itself is long (about 2-3 weeks), but quite straight forward. Your commitment is

With VIPKid, your commitment is a 6-month contract with a minimum of 7.5hrs per week between 6-10pm Beijing Time. They provide the content for you and use their own platform which makes it super easy to use a little to no prep. They find the students for you – you just open your time slots and wait for them to be booked. I had full bookings within a week after completing my training, so you can really work as much or little as you’d like. If you decide to go with VIPKid or have any questions regarding it or the process surrounding it at any stage of the application period, feel free to Contact Me.

Open English – they teach to Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic Markets. Though not a complete requirement they do prefer those with a North American accent. Lessons are both group and 1-1. Their pay varies and they pay through paypal.

Golden Voice English – teaches Chinese students (grades 1-9) between 5 am and 9 am (EST) Monday – Saturday using Zoom. They have both 1:1 classes and small group classes. You must have some kind of experience teaching, coaching, or tutoring children to apply and a clean criminal background check. They state their salary as ‘competitive wages’ and would depend on qualifications, but roughly $18USD per hour.


Western Wise – teaches Chinese students using both structured and conversation methods. Their website is much more catered to the Chinese people using their service than tutors signing up, as the apply to be a tutor button takes you straight to an application form with little information about the job itself. However, if you go to their facebook page they will give you more information there. This company requires you to make a youtube video that specifically answers their application question(s) so you can’t just use a generic one.

Talk to Canada – This company is specifically for Canadians. They prefer a university degree and some form of teaching experience.

Deerkid – To work for DeerKid you require a bachelor’s degree in any subject as well as at least one year of classroom experience (can be part time), and a TEFL/TESOL certification. You create your own schedule and teach through the DeerKid platform. Pay is $14-$22 USD per hour.

Must be from the UK


Educastream – A French company looking for teachers residing in England. You must have teaching experience and/or business experience.

Baron’s English – teachers here must be from the UK and they teach students from Japan, China, and South Korea. You need to have completed at least two years of college but a university degree is not required.

More than English Teaching


LingoLive – This company teaches English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and Italian! Possibly other ones if there is a need and a tutor available. You would be teaching adults. The application is sent through a google form that asks about your language abilities, experience, availability, and your personality. They also require a basic introduction video sent through Google Drive.

CafeTalk – Cafe Talk allows you to teach whatever you want – music, English, makeup, literally anything. They are simply the platform that connects tutors with teachers. You even get to set your own rate – but they keep a percentage that varies based on how often you teach. You still go through a simple interview, but it is mostly about how to use the platform and to make sure you’re not a complete weirdo.

Elinet – here you can teach English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German, Czech, Korean, Italian, and Farsi. Their main focus is English and French and you need to speak either one of those languages. If you can speak it and there’s a student that wants to learn it, you can teach it here. They also allow for a variety of platforms for teaching – email, video conferencing, or phone.

Berlitz – Berlitz teaches over 50 languages online with a focus on English. You must have native fluency in the language you want to teach. They pay approximately $15USD per hour depending on qualifications.

Bespoke Language Tuition – Although it doesn’t outwardly ask for a specific country – it does ask for a DBS which is essentially a background check from the U.K. So I can only infer they are primarily looking for UK teachers. You are also required to submit your passport, references, and qualifications documents along with your C.V. They primarily teach English, but, they also offer French, German, and Exam Preparation.

Learnlight – Here you can teach English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, or Italian. They’re looking for teachers to have a business background, however, it’s not a requirement. They require a minimum of ten hours per week on a fixed schedule for at least one year as a teacher or six months with a general schedule as a tutor. There is a variety of positions available, such as a mentor, conversational tutor, teacher, and customer service positions.

Inglesissimo – teaches English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. To teach here you must have some sort of teaching certificate and two years of teaching experience.

1to1progress – You can teach English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch. You must be a native speaker in one of these languages to teach it and have some kind of teaching certificate. They prefer bilingual teachers

Tandem – this is a platform that matches tutors and students. You can teach in whatever language you want, but you must have some kind of experience or certificate to back it up. You set up your profile and your rate and you teach through the app. Tandem will take 30% of your rate for using their platform.



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  1. Felicia January 1, 2018 at 5:50 am - Reply

    Golden Voice pays $18USD per hour. It uses game focus with prepared powerpoint slides, facilitated through Zoom.

    They offer 1:1 and small group classes for students in China, grades 1 – 9.

    Classes are 25 minutes long and there is no student reporting afterwards.

    • Ashley January 1, 2018 at 6:28 am - Reply

      Thanks for the insight! I’ll update with the info. Do you work for them? If so, how do you like it?

  2. Lemy January 22, 2018 at 5:31 am - Reply

    Thanks for the valuable info!

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