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Teaching can be a great job or career, even for people who don’t really think of themselves as teachers. Whether teaching in a typical “brick and mortar” classroom in your home country, online from home (or anywhere!) or abroad. Teaching ESL is the most common way to travel and teach. It is what I did to jumpstart my travelling, and what I will focus on here, however, many of these tips are useful in other areas.

Teach Online

Perfect for everyone from the stay at home mom, to the world traveller. Teaching ESL online is what I currently do to supplement my income while travelling as it can be done from any quiet place with a good internet connection.

You can pick your own schedule and amount of hours you want to work. Pay can vary a lot depending on the company and your experience, but you can expect anywhere from 10-20USD per hour. You don’t even need to teach ESL – there are other language options or different skills you can teach too. Language, however, is the most common and profitable.


Teach Abroad

Teaching abroad is a perfect way to jumpstart your travels without breaking the bank. Many schools will even pay for your flight and accommodation making most of your paycheck completely bankable to save for paying off student loans or more travelling during or after your contract. The most common places to teach abroad are Korea, Japan, and China. There are ESL jobs in Europe, however, they are more catered for EU nationals.

Central and South America have plenty of jobs however they aren’t nearly as lucrative. Saudi Arabia pays the best but you often need high qualifications and the desire to live in Saudi Arabia for a year (or more). Personally, I taught abroad in Korea, loved it, and would highly recommend it.

teach online

Looking for props?

Here’s a list of all the props you could need and where you can get them! 

Get Your Prop List

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you’ve thought about teaching online, but don’t know which company you want to work for if it’ll really be for you – check out this post. It discusses various options and the qualifications you may need for a variety of companies. 

teaching online
teach abroad

Want to teach and travel?

Getting a TEFL Course will make this much easier. While they’re not always necessary, they will prepare for some of the realities you’ll face while teaching – and certainly force you to brush up on your grammar skills!

This course is taught in Thailand (one of my favourite countries to travel to) and they place you in a school once you’re done! While I didn’t personally take this course (I had my TEFL before I found out about it *sad face*) I’ve only heard good things – and you’ll be in Chiang Mai – awesome! 

TEFL in Thailand

Featured Online ESL Platforms


Looking for an ESL Job?

Dave’s ESL Cafe is the biggest online marketplace for finding jobs all over the world. If you’re not sure where to go, or what’s out there yet, start here. Their job board is the best I’ve seen and the forums are incredibly helpful – especially for new teachers!

Here’s an even more comprehensive list of ESL Job Marketplace sites – it’s clickable! 

Find Your Job

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