Travel Roundup 1: My Favourite Destinations (So Far!)

Now that I’ve reached my goal of visiting 25 countries by the time I was 25, here is a travel roundup of my favourite destinations! Of course, I don’t have any intentions of stopping travelling anytime soon, these are just my favourites thus far, and are of course subject to change as I visit new places on my bucket list!

Favourite Expat City

Seoul, South Korea

I lived in Seoul for about two years teaching English. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the working culture, living there as an expat is amazing. There are plenty of other expats for you to meet and Korean people are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Initially, I wasn’t so sure about the food (other than BBQ), but after a short time, I couldn’t get enough of it (and am now seriously craving some mandu). Shops are open all the time, the cafe culture is probably my favourite thing about it, and the nightlife is incomparable. 

Korea Part Two, First Impressions
Culture Shock in Korea

Favourite Place to Visit

The Caribbean

Sometimes you love a place, but don’t exactly want to live there. You could visit from time to time and have a fantastic time, and you want it to hold that special feeling for you. This is how I feel about the Caribbean. Yes, I know there are many different islands and they all have different cultures. But like I said, this is a list of “so far”. And from where I’ve been, I’ve enjoyed the islands, would come back, but wouldn’t want to live there long term. 

travel roundup

Favourite European City

Cork, Ireland

While not as popular among travellers as Dublin or Galway, I found that Cork had the best of both cities. It was colourful, lively, had great restaurants, live street music, and castles! That, and during my visit there I was pet sitting the most wonderful dog.

Castles in Cork
bus strikes

Favourite City Overall

Pai, Thailand

This small city in northern Thailand stole my heart the minute I got there. The few hours it took driving there from Pai were breathtaking up the windy mountain roads. Once I arrived, one of the first things I saw was a man and an elephant walking alongside the road. My time there was spent in a treehouse, not far from a circus hostel. The people were friendly the food was amazing and I cannot wait to go back there someday.

Rent a car in Chiang Mai
backpacking south east asia

Let’s see if these favourites hold out for the next roundup! Want tips and info about living, working, and travelling abroad? Sign up to get these articles right to your inbox!

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