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Adventurer, explorer, vagabond, nomad, tourist, expat, or roamer. Whatever kind of traveller you are, new or experienced, there’s always something you’ll need on your journey. These resources are here in hopes of making your travels as smooth as possible.

Here you’ll find my favourite travel resources for finding accommodation, flights, and my must-have items. Join my email list to get up-to-date lists straight to your inbox along with a free travel planner printable!

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a …..Plane. Definitely a plane.

Regardless of how you like to travel (I prefer to take a train myself), at some point you’re likely going to need to take a flight. These can eat up your budget if you don’t plan accordingly or know where to look.

Save some time by using sites like SkyScanner and Momondo to search multiple airlines at once. They also have cool features like setting “everywhere” as your destination and showing your cheapest options. Among flight searches, I’ve also included resources on where to find great deals on trains and cars.

Look here first. You’ll be given hundreds of options. Search by location, date, cheapest month – there are so many filters to help you find the perfect trip!

Go to SkyScanner

Kiwi is often one of the best options from SkyScanner and they have amazing customer service. I once had issues with my flight, the staff was so helpful and everything was resolved incredibly fast and efficiently.

Go To Kiwi

Similar to SkyScanner with slightly different filters. They also don’t search the exact same databases so it’s great to use both so you know all your options!

Go To Momondo

The HipMunk interface is my favourite. Simple to use and let’s you sort your results by price, length, and “agony” (overall best price/length ratio).  Go to Hipmunk

If you’re planning on taking a train at all on your journey, you need to visit this site. Not only can you look up schedules, but the man in seat 61 will tell you what machines to go to, how to validate your ticket, and you can often book tickets right through the site! Go to Seat61

Blablacar is a site that connects you with people for ride shares. You pay through the site and the money is held until you get to your destination – no money directly changes hands between you and the driver. See how I used it throughout Europe! Go to BlablaCar


Your options are practically unlimited when it comes to accommodation. Want to meet people in hostels? Have some peace and quiet by the beach in a bungalow? Below are some of my favourite options for finding the accommodation I need. Also, be sure to check out my post how to find the best accommodation for your budget!

Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Using them may provide a small commission for me, but will be no extra cost for you.

A straightforward website with useful filters that often gets me prices lower than most hotel &hostel sites. Great deals if you sign up as a “genius member”! Go to

Air bnb Accommodation

Live in a local! Rent out an apartment, villa, house, or even just a single room from 1 day to months! 
Go to AirBNB

While it has properties listed for all around the world, I find it works best in Asia. It finds better prices in this region than any other site I’ve used as well as more variety.
Go to Agoda

Home Away is perfect for vacation rentals. You rent out entire homes around the globe (primarily in typical holiday destinations) and you can even earn some spare cash while listing yours while you’re away! Go to HomeAway

accommodation couchsurfing

A popular option among backpackers, couchsurfing is a network that connects travellers. “Surfers” stay with hosts who’ve listed their place for a short term whilst travelling. This is often a couch or spare room. Do note, however, that is is unregulated so be careful! Go to CouchSurfing

House Sitters Accommodation

House Sitting is one of my favourite ways to travel. It is a “trade” where you take care of a home (and more often than not, pets) while the owners are away. Great way to get free accommodation around the globe. It is most popular in France, the U.K., and Australia, but you’ll find house sits in other regions as well. Check it out.

don’t forget

While every trip will be different, there are certain things that will simply make every trip an easier/better one. If you’re working on the road, a laptop is a must-have. A smartphone is an ultimate multi tool (maps, camera, communication), or for the more serious photographers out there having a separate camera is a must. These are items I’ve found useful, and I hope you do too!

Osprey Backpack Review

My Osprey Backpack is my go-to bag. It is really two bags in one as it has a detachable day pack. You can see my full review here.

A GoPro is currently the best out there for portable action cameras. Takes great videos and stills and is waterproof and shock proof. There are so many accessories you can get with it as well making it incredibly versatile

A must have for any world traveller. This one is lightweight and one piece. No need for multiple adapters. It will let you use your electronics regardless of where you are in the world AND it has two USB charging ports! 

This ultimate guide to travelling with pets tells you all there is to know about travelling with or without pets. Get holiday pet planning holiday tips, find out which airlines allow pets, quarantine rules, and tricks if you’re delayed home, plus much more! 

An RFID blocking travel wallet keeps all your cards, documents, and passport together while keeping them safe. This one comes in many colours to fit all styles

Packing cubes make life SO much easier. Keep things organized, you can separate clean and dirty, and never need to empty your entire bag just to find a pair of socks. 

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