VIPKid: A Guide for Newbies – Part Two

In part one of VIPKid: a guide for newbies, we covered how to get hired, getting your first class, and navigating the teacher’s portal. These are by and large the most important things beyond actually teaching. It’s how you get started and how you’ll get into your classes each day. 

If you still haven’t decided on VIPKid yet, you can sign up here: 


If you’re not North American (an unfortunate requirement with VIPKid), but are simply looking for tips for teaching online, you can check out other online teaching opportunities here:

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For those continuing from Part One, you’ll know that here we’re going to talk about using FreshDesk and the VIPKid App.

What is Fresh Desk?

Freshdesk is a customer support and ticketing service. It is what VIPKid uses to communicate with its teachers. 

Once you’re accepted as a teacher, you will be given access to freshdesk with a login and password. You will be visiting freshdesk often, so don’t forget it. 

When you’re logged in, you’ll be brought to the Forums page. This is essentially the home page that has the most up-to-date news on policies, incentives, and general information. Each week you’ll see a newsletter or “Weekly Teacher Update.” These 

Each week you’ll see a newsletter or “Weekly Teacher Update.” These updates let you know about any current contests, solutions to common problems, and more. Reading these are important. 

There is also the “Solutions” tab. As a new teacher, this should be your first resource when you’re confused about something. It tells you how and when to contact the firemen or the education team, what to do if something strange happens in your class, how to sign up for teaching workshops, among other things. 

There is a search function on Freshdesk. USE IT. Make it your best friend. There are roughly a gazillion changes and updates that happen with VIPKid. Not sure about something? Search for it. There is probably and answer on Freshdesk.

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My answer isn’t on Freshdesk, or I don’t get it, now what?

Occasionally you’ll run into this problem. While you’ll likely see reference to whatever your problem is on freshdesk, sometimes the answer isn’t the clearest. This is where the Facebook groups come in. Speaking of which, don’t forget to like Wanderdolls on Facebook (#shamelessselfpromotion). 

Type in VIPKid on Facebook and you’ll find a lot of groups to choose from. Some are very general like “VIPKid Teachers” others are specific for stay-at-home moms, Canadians, or teachers that travel. Choose what best suits your situation and go from there. Of the general ones, I find the most helpful one to be “VIPKid Teachers (unofficial page).” The admins there are super helpful and try to keep everything in a positive light.

VIPKid: The App

If you’ve started teaching and haven’t downloaded the app yet, download it now. It looks like this:

VIPKid: A Guide for newbies - teacher app

The app is a new development for VIPKid, coming out just a couple months ago. Like anything new in technology, it has a few glitches. But in general, it’s pretty handy. 

It lets you review previous feedback from other teachers, you can see your upcoming schedule, and view a mini version of your profile. 

I like the profile section as you can see how many days you’ve been with VIPKid, how many students and classes you’ve taught, and how many minutes of teaching you’ve completed. It also shows your average rating and number of followers.

Another important section on the app is the message area. If you’re ever in the spot where you can’t get into the portal, messaging in the “classroom issue” area can save you from a teacher no-show. They can give you tips and look into it for you. Plus you’ll have a written proof that you were trying should you need to open a ticket later.

The notifications are also very useful. They warn you when you have a class in the next 15 minutes and you can opt for “up for grabs” classes incase they need someone last minute – great for grabbing that $2 short-notice bonus. 

Here are some screenshots of the app: 

VIPKid App Screenshot VIPKid Screenshot App Screenshot










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